Corporate Tax and Accounting

All the companies doing its business have a plenty of problem and concern about tax and accounting on a daily baisis.

Start-up or before company establishment

  • 「What should I do as a very first step to establish company?」
  • 「I don’t know how to keep and record lots of receipts and other related documents.」
  • 「Which accounting software is the best? How can I implement cloud based software?」


Early stage with growing revenue

  • 「How I can take advantage of accounting data for business?」
  • 「Want to implement a scheme of managerial accounting in place.」
  • 「How I can manage tax well?」

Stable organization aiming at future growth

  • 「Want to understand accounting procedure in response to brand-new transactions.」
  • 「Want to expand my business internationally.」
  • 「Aim to go public.」
  • 「Want to acquire other business.」

CPA and Certified Public Tax Accountant (hereinafter CPTA) are the ones who are supposed to answer all these questions as tax and accounting experts. However, it is not always easy to find a good CPA or CPTA among lots of available options. More importantly, as there are unfortunately still very few CPA or CPTA who speaks English in Japan, it would be more difficult for people from other part of the world who doesn’t speak Japanese to find a partnered CPA or CPTA in Japan. Even in the case you finally find an English speaking accountant, you might say:

  • 「Took too long to get response upon my question.」
  • 「Not always get straight to the point because of lack of business background.」
  • 「Unwilling to use cloud basis accounting software.」
  • 「Just unfriendly.」

Unfortunately, this might be often the case in reality.

Our firm, SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory, offers our services with having its four different characteristics below to differentiate from other tax accounting firms in Japan that might cause disappointment as mentioned above.

1.  Not only tax and accounting, but also finance, marketing, operation, and organizational management, etc.

A company has lots of issues and problems not only about tax and accounting, but also about a wide range of management matters. Managers are supposed to simultaneously see and handle lots of uncertainty and risk to optimize its management decisions. Therefore, it could not make sense at all if tax accountant gives clients advice or suggestion only from the perspective of tax and accounting, which might only to cause a partial optimization.

For instance, cash management are so related to tax and accounting that it would be almost impossible for managers to make management decisions with separating cash and tax and accounting. Nevertheless, different background and expertise are usually required if tax accountants give good advice and suggestion to their clients on both cash management and tax and accounting, which is challenging for some tax accountants who don’t have any specific background.

Also, a company has a wide range of management issues like, for example, investment decisions for the future growth, or organizational expansion by hiring more employees, both of which are mandatory for the companies’ continuous growth. It is obviously impossible to make best decisions on these matters only by considering tax and accounting.

SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory has its own expertise not only in our traditional services tax and accounting, but also in a wide range of peripheral management area: our tax accountants have a good consulting experience working for Big4, and management experience working for one of the biggest Japanese global company Recruit. In addition, some of our tax accountants have MBA degree which is still very rare in this industry in Japan. By taking advantage of these characters as well as support from our affiliated professionals, SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory can support our clients not only handle tax and accounting problems but also solve lots of different management issues.

2. Effective and efficient communication by using IT tools

One of the most important factors for business to succeed is speed, and what ensures the speed of business we believe is effective and efficient communication. To ensure a good quality of communication, SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory encourages our client to use IT communication tools such as WhatsApp, Skype, Slack, Chatwork and LINE. We normally set a group chat on these apps where our client and at least two professionals and one assistant from SkyWalk Tax and Accounting gather and are ready to discuss whenever client wants to discuss or ask questions on related topics.

Regarding meeting, while SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory values a face-to-face meeting that gives us greater opportunity to get better mutual understanding, we also encourage clients to implement video meeting tool such as Google Hangout, Skype, Zoom and Whereby, which allow both client and us to reduce the cost of setting a face-to-face meeting and to set virtual meeting basically whenever client wants.

3.  Encourage cloud basis accounting software

Compared with the traditional so-called desk-top software, cloud basis accounting software has become more and more popular in Japan because of its efficiency and relatively-lower implementation cost. As users can check its latest financial situation only by checking mobile apps whenever they want, managers, especially in young generation, tend to prefer to use cloud basis software rather than desk-top ones.

On top of that, believed or not, not many tax accountants in Japan have enough understanding of this technology, and thus even when a company wants to try the new technology cloud basis software, there might be no other options but desk-top ones in the end just because of partnered tax accountant’s lack of understanding of this technology.

SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory is registered as Certified Advisor of FREEE which is one of the cloud accounting software in Japan having its biggest market share in this industry, and we proactively encourage our client to implement cloud accounting software like FREEE. By using cloud basis software like FREEE, our client and SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory can easily communicate whenever it’s necessary by mutually checking the app remotely and having online chat on the platform.

4. English service

There has been fast growing demand in Japan on English speaking tax accountant as the borderless economy has been developed these days. It is true that he language barrier is huge, but equally importantly, the difference in culture and business practice also need to be properly handled if a company want to succeed in Japan.

Nevertheless, there are still very few tax accountants in Japan who speak English. You may find them relatively easily if you connect with a limited number of large firms like Big4, but it’s not always affordable for small and mid-sized companies.

SkyWalk Tax and Accounting Advisory offers a full range of English services at reasonable price. We can manage not only language barrier but also cultural difference by taking advantage of our past experiences in working with a multinational global team when working for Recruit, and experience in studying in a diverse setting when doing MBA in Hong Kong.

The first-time consultation is free of charge. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

Tax and Accounting Price Table: Monthly Fee

Revenue size
~10M JPY 10M~30M JPY 30M~50M JPY 50M~100M JPY 100M JPY~
20,000 JPY 25,000 JPY 32,500 JPY 40,000 JPY 50,000 JPY

Tax Return Price Table: Annual Fee

Revenue size
~10M JPY 10M~30M JPY 30M~50M JPY 50M~100M JPY 100M JPY~
120,000 JPY 150,000 JPY 195,000 JPY 240,000 JPY 300,000 JPY

* In addition to above, 50% of total payment is to be charged as English service fee.

* The price on the above table is subject to change based on client’s industry, number of offices and other specific situations.

* If a company is subject to consumption tax (VAT), additional fee is to be charged.